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Your finances are the gateway to greater freedom, giving you more control over how you live your life. But your finances can also constrain that freedom, restricting your opportunities and amplifying your difficulties.

The difference is financial planning. With the right advice, clear goals and a practical plan to get there, you can have more of what you want. CFV offers a wide range of financial services, mixing and matching the help and advice you need to create the right financial plan for you.

Our Services

Cash flow and budgeting

Reduce stress with a practical budget to proactively manage your household or business expenses throughout the year and help you reach your financial goals.

And because sticking to a budget isn’t always easy, we also provide coaching and advice to keep you and your finances on track.

Superannuation and SMSF

More than just a path to retirement, your super is also one of the most effective ways to grow your wealth. The earlier you start actively planning your super, the greater the potential rewards. 

We can advise and guide your super strategy, making adjustments and balancing risk according to your situation, goals and point in life.

Asset allocation and risk management

The value of your assets and investments can go down as well as up. How quickly you achieve your financial goals will depend on finding the right balance between high risk and low risk investments.

An effective risk management strategy diversifies your portfolio across various asset classes, redistributing your gains and rebalancing/reconstituting your losses to maintain the ideal level of acceptable risk.

Retirement planning

Work to live, not live to work. Start planning your retirement now so that when you do stop working, your finances will support you for as long as your life expectancy and longer.

We can advise you on methods to enhance your retirement savings, reducing potential debt and improving tax effectiveness, to make your retirement a time to look forward to once more.

Family Trusts

Setting up family trust doesn’t have to be complicated. Protect and manage your family’s assets according to your wishes and leave the strategic and financial details to us.

We help you come up with the appropriate structures, amounts and insurers to give your family a safety net in case of unfortunate events.

Estate planning

Like most people, you may want to pass on a bequest to the next generation – your family, dependents and deserving others. 

Planning your estate helps to protect your wealth and assets while you’re alive and determines how you wish to divide them among your various beneficiaries in the event of your death?

Financial forecasting and modelling

We have the data, the experience and the financial modelling tools to set financial goals for you that are both realistic and achievable. 

And we can also estimate the potential impact of each financial decision, informing your options and helping you reach your goals sooner.


Having a few additional investments separate from your super can give you more options when planning your family’s future. 

A few well-chosen investments could be your ticket to buying a house, funding your kids’ education or even early retirement when there isn’t access to your super. We can help you choose the right investments and even potentially borrowing to invest.

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What are people saying about CFV?

“Victor and his team have been nothing short of exceptional. They are extremely attentive, experienced, readily available and always have our best interests at heart.”
Ron Burnwood
Port Macquarie, NSW
“Victor and his team helped us with Cash Flow Management Training that really helped us to sort our accounts … Highly recommend Victor Idoko for any financial planning!”
Rosebery, NSW
“Victor was fantastic to work with! His knowledge was brilliant and he was a massive help in getting our finances and estate in order. He listened to our needs and facilitated them very well.”
Yokine, WA
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