Our name is our commitment

It’s not WHAT we do that counts. It’s WHY we do it.

Victor Idoko started CFV with a very clear mission – to help people live a more rewarding and fulfilling life through proper financial planning and investment management.

It’s right there in the name:

Creating Financial Value

Increasing your wealth or improving how you manage your money are both laudable and important goals.
But Victor believes the real value is in what that money allows you to do; how that money allows you to live.

That simple, human philosophy sits at the heart of every one of CFV’s financial services.

Our philosophy


It’s your hard-earned money. Make it work harder for you. Work to live, not live to work.

Embrace difference

No two people are the same – so why should their approach to money?


Creating an effective financial plan takes empathy and understanding.

Meet Victor Idoko

Victor lives a rewarding and fulfilling life by helping others live more rewarding and fulfilling lives!!

While Victor has a natural talent for the processes involved, his genuine passion for financial planning comes from seeing the transformative impact his advice has on people’s lives.

  • Reducing stress and worry
  • Increasing financial security
  • Freeing up time and attention to enjoy life more fully

Victor grew up in a family of very driven and focused people who consistently strive to do what is right and help those around them. This naturally impacted Victor and helped him gain great foundations in his early professional days. This has shaped Victor’s ability to plan and help people work towards achieving their goals.

Victor fell into financial planning, but he has loved it ever since. He loves numbers, interacting with people, and most importantly, achieving goals. The combination of these aspects makes advising people and businesses a rewarding and fulfilling job for him. Victor helps his clients achieve clarity and direction with their goals and ensures they don’t make mistakes that could ruin their hard work or divert them from their goals. This provides peace of mind to his clients and gives them more headspace to tackle other aspects of life that come their way. Clients who are open and communicate effectively about what matters to them get the most value, as Victor can relate what matters to the crucial strategies to help them excel and thrive in life.

While advising clients brings a lot of joy to Victor, he also enjoys reading books (motivational and fact-based books), loves his fitness, enjoys spending time with family, and engaging in brain-stimulating activities like chess, learning a new language, playing a musical instrument, or strategic board games, and traveling. These activities add to his more rewarding and fulfilling life.

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
Master’s degree in Commerce (Finance)
Bachelor’s degree in Economics
Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning

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